Common Core Twitter Analysis

During the November 2014 election the public debate around Common Core State Standards was starting to get fairly loud. I collected data from the week of the election to see what I could learn about the debate. My reasons were

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Teach on the Beach

I co-founded Teach on the Beach in 2010 to provide after school enrichment and scholarships to rural Ghanaian children. As executive director I grew programs, built partnerships, and generated over $150K in revenue and 50,000 volunteer hours.

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Face Planets

Part of  window display for the street-level Environmental Fluid Dynamics lab at NYU , Face Planets provides a simple, but provocative interaction to draw passers-by to learn more about the lab.

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Chess Tutor

Concept Marcel Duchamp said that “I have come to the conclusion that while all artists are not chess players, all chess players are artists.” Most beginners to the game never see the artistry or poetry of the game because of fear,

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Chess Revisualized

To aid in the development of Chess Tutor, I began prototyping new visual styles for chess that express the unseen elements of the game to beginners and intermediate players.

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Modeling AC Power

I am interested in evolving the systems by incorporating interactive technologies that enable individuals to understand and take active roles. Early in 2014 I began thinking about how an interactive electrical grid might allow individuals to understand how much energy

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