Daft Junk

Daft Junk is a solar-powered, trash-robot duo delighting audiences in NYC parks with their sustainable beats.

Daft Junk has appeared in Washington Square Park, at the ITP 2014 Spring Show, and after a rebirth at the Staten Island Makerspace appeared at Freshkills Park Sneak Peak on September 28th 2014.

NY1 captured the workshop to build new robots with kids in Staten Island at the Makerspace during Staten Island’s Second Saturday art walk. I’m interviewed!

Here is a video about their first show in Washington Square Park!

Daft Junk was made in collaboration with Amelia Winger-Bearskin & Mike Ricca. We worked collaboratively to design and build the story around using solar and trash as the driving forces behind the project. I took the lead on fabrication, designing, testing and building the circuit and programming the Arduino microcontroller. See the code here.

I also worked extensively to inventory and piece together the seldom-used solar resources at ITP to get two working solar kits together for our Washington Square Park show. The resources needed included two 20W (max) solar panels, two charge controllers, and two lead-acid batteries.